Slate Roofs and Solar Panels

Renewable energies are an excellent source of investment and we must make the most of them, that’s for sure. One of the best renewable energy sources is solar energy and its solar panel technology has been developing for some time, but it is in the last twenty years that it has presented a very significant development.

Currently, it is possible to acquire a complete solar panel system to take advantage of this type of renewable energy, however, it is necessary to have a considerable space dedicated to its installation in order to make effective use of solar radiation. These solar panels are usually installed on open fields or, more commonly, on the roofs of buildings.

Take advantage of the available space on your roof

Certainly, your roof can offer great possibilities for taking advantage of solar radiation due to the free space available. The installation of solar panels on the roof of your home can be done easily and it would involve minimal modifications to the roof structure for its installation.

That’s right, installing solar panels on your roof is an affordable and practical investment you can make to generate free energy! This is made possible with a new generation of solar panels that are beautiful and will complement your roof. It is also the ultimate system for low-carbon living because solar systems generate clean electricity, reduce your dependence on the power grid, and help you save money.

We have to be clear on this: there are cons related to solar panels installation, like the fact that some slates on your roof have to be removed and replaced with special equipment when installing the basis of the solar system – this is called tin shed mounting structure. The bright side of this is that the whole system could be detached and uninstalled from your roof structure in case it is needed so, and the previous slates could be reinstalled with no major problem on your roof. So, no big deal.

Solar Panels Installation on Slate Roof

If you have any doubts regarding the installation of solar panels on your roof, there is also the possibility of creating a special structure for these cases called ‘raised structure’, which can be located in a space near the ground but would be installed in such a way that it allows people to move between the basis of the structure.

Solar Panels Advantages

Solar panels are an investment, not an unnecessary expense

At some point in time you considered installing a strong and durable roof, and that’s why you decided on the slate roof because of its high quality. The same happens with solar panels since it is an investment that will generate profits (return on investment) in the short term. In addition, it is one of the most promising clean energy technologies for the near future and its positive impact on the conservation of the environment makes it an excellent investment option.

Savings Using Solar Panels

The main benefit of installing a solar system is the reduction in electricity bills, since offsetting of generated solar power is against the highest tariff, energy bills are reduced significantly. The other important benefit is that you would be contributing to reducing the use of fossil fuels and be a contributor to reducing the long-term effects of global warming.

In summary, the installation of a solar panel system can be very beneficial for you since it can be aesthetic, it can generate profits, and it can even contribute to minimizing the carbon footprint for the protection of the environment. As for your property, you can rest assured knowing that the modifications that could be made when installing a solar system may be very few, so your investment is safe.

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